Term 4 at IMPACT

Hey there parents and youth of IMPACT,

I hope you all had a great term holiday break, whatever you got up to. We’ve been planning for our new bub to come, getting the house ready and also getting as much sleep as possible! And the IMPACT leaders have of course been planning for a huge term 4! (You can find the programs on the ‘Programs’ tab above.)

This term we’ll be looking at the theme of ‘identity’. Who are we? Big question I know. There are lots of things that determine our identity. Our families and cultural backgrounds, passions, friends, and media just to name a few. While these all play an important part in who we are, we’ll be focusing on our identity in Jesus Christ because of what He’s done for us. This is the most important foundation to build our lives on, the most important part of our identity, impacting how we live and what we live for.

Leading up to the first IMPACT this Friday night, why not talk about your family’s story and identity. What stories in your family’s history have played an important role in who you are today? How has your cultural background impacted your family? What are some traditions that have continued on? How did they start (if you know), and why do you still celebrate or remember them today?

Looking forward to Friday, see you all soon!

Cheers, Chris


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