Thoughts on God

This week at IMPACT we have a youth service, called CONNECT. Geoff Johnstone will be speaking on the topic of ‘Who is God?’ Here’s a little from Geoff about his own journey in finding out this answer:

‘I became a Christian when I was 15 years old. My parents forced me to attend Sunday School and during year 10 Mr Smith asked me to make a decision.

‘He said, “You can’t spend your life sitting on the fence. So please make a decision this year. Either go for God or not.”

‘At the time I thought it was a reasonable request. So I started reading the Bible. Each night I read 4 or 5 chapters and slowly worked my way through the old and new testaments. By the end of the year I thought I knew God well enough that I could trust Him with the rest of my life.

‘These days I feel a lot like Elijah. After 40 years I am only just finding things out about God that I should have realized a long time ago. Like the fact that God does not give up on us when we are afraid. Like the fact that He really wants to look after us.

‘Last year I was really challenged to keep my relationship with God fresh and exciting. So every day I look for two things that I can tell God that I like about Him. Yesterday I thought how great it is that God is everywhere I go. Prayer is never a long distance call.

‘So I am still learning, still growing in my faith.’

As a family, maybe you can share with God and each other 2 things that you like about God?

See you on Friday! Chris


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