Defining Identity

Hey parents and youths,

This week at IMPACT we’ll continue to look at our theme of ‘identity’. Jemma will be looking at who we were and now are because of what God’s done for us, kind of a ‘before and after’ of how we came to know Jesus. We’ve all changed a lot since we were kids, and as we grow into youths, and then older youths, and then adults, we keep changing and being formed into the people God wants us to be.

What have been some of the biggest changes in your life? You might think of actual changes that challenged you (e.g.: moving interstate, a new job etc.) Or you might think of an inside change (e.g.: how you overcame or dealt with something like anger, anxiety). How did these things change you and grow you into the person you are today? How has knowing Jesus helped you in this? Why not have a chat about these things as a family before or after IMPACT this week.

See you Friday! Chris


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