Relationships are tricky. If you do not spend time with people or communicate through text, phone calls or letter writing, you lose connection. You can read things about their lives on Facebook, like a friend from primary school welcomed twins into the world a week ago, or how my old roommate from 8 years ago went to the park this morning with her children. We can gain insights through Facebook, but the stimulating of relationship is not the same. And guess what, God doesn’t have Facebook, so in order to get even those insights, we need to pray and read the Bible to keep in contact with him.

In all relationships we can get a bit lax, life can get busy and we forget to send the text or make a phone call to our friends or family. The same could be said for my relationship with God. I was caught up in work and study. I looked at other people and saw their strength and commitment to God and realised two things. 1. I had forgotten to keep the relationship going properly, and 2. Not everyone’s relationship with God is going to be the same because we are all different people. Relationship is a lot about communication and I had not been communicating with Him nor giving the space for God to communicate with me.

So I sat on my bed, I prayed a prayer of forgiveness, I opened my bible and decided to read Proverbs 1:1-7. I used a method called Lectio Divina, where you read the allotted section out loud about three times. Each time you get a feel for the passage and find a piece of passage that really speaks to you. The verse I chose was this: ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.’ (Proverbs 1:7)

I felt it was telling me that while I had been lax in communicating with God, I had become like a fool and I could see that I had become less wise in my decisions about life and well, I was never particularly good at being a disciplined person anyway, but I am working on that.

After reading the Bible I sat in silence and solitude and emptied my mind. I just waited. I heard from God at this moment, and he said to me: ‘It doesn’t matter what other people’s relationships look like, just as long as we have a relationship. I will always be here and I will always love you.’

I finished my time spent with God in prayer. I was challenged with that verse to become a more disciplined person, to regularly spend time with God reading the Bible. I have a sheet in my room with daily tasks, the top one on that list is bible reading.

So, take comfort knowing that God will always be waiting. Whenever you want to talk, he is there. Remember to listen, and I challenge you to communicate with God, to become knowledgeable and wise, and to become a creature of discipline.

Why not try using the Lectio Divina method as a family this week, see how you go. It’s good to do it in groups and talk about the verses that stand out to you.

See you Friday. Jemma


One thought on “Relationships

  1. So inspirational Jemma, need for things should never outweigh a need to have a relationship with God, thinking I too need to get back to basics with our Father
    Thank you


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