Major League Dad

Hey YG people,

At the end of October, while I’ve been preparing to become a dad for the second time, I caught the end of the Baseball World Series which the Chicago Cubs won after a 108 year drought. The MVP for the finals series was a guy called Ben Zobrist. You may well be asking, ‘What do these 2 things, you becoming a dad and the Wold Series MVP, have in common?’ Well, it’s not that I’ll ever be a World Series MVP. In fact I had no idea either until I read a few articles about Ben Zobrist. He’s a strong Christian and a dad, a guy who is trying to instil into his kids Godly values. He and his wife gave an interview to the Huffington Post about their lives and their faith, and I think it had some good things to say about modelling faith for our kids and bringing them up to know Jesus. Anyway, have a read and let us know what you think!

Cheers, Chris


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