State of Origin

Hey parents and youth of St Luke’s,

This term at IMPACT we’re going back to where it all started, Genesis! No, not Phil Collins band (that’s a bad joke for all the parents), I’m talking about the first book in the Bible. In particular, we’ll look at the first 3 chapters. The book of Genesis in the Bible outlines why we were created, what our purpose in life is, and how things in this world got as stuffed up as they are now – but it also gives us the solution to this problem, pointing to a baby born many years later in a manger. And so, this first term has been titled ‘THE MEANING OF LIFE’.

Origin stories are really important. I guess you can think of most Sci-Fi or Super Hero movies (The Hobbit, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Wolverine) that go back to the beginning to show where everything all began. But I most recently discovered the importance of origin stories through watching ‘La La Land’. Not sure if you’ve seen it yet, but there’s a great scene where Ryan Gosling explains the importance of jazz (stay with me) by going back to its origins. He explains to Emma Stone that you need to not just hear jazz but see it, that it’s in the improvisation and interplay between musicians, that jazz began in a small room years earlier where there were 3-4 different groups of people who didn’t speak the same language, and so the only way they could communicate was through music. And so they played, and there began a musical movement that has lasted generation after generation. You can’t appreciate something fully until you understand it’s origins. Even Jazz!

Think back to your family’s origins, maybe your family tree, which you might have discussed last year. What impact did those origins have on you? And especially for the youth, what impact have your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents, had on you? If you’re not sure about some of those stories, ask someone about them! Why not talk about it over breakfast or dinner.. or brunch.

See youse soon!

Cheers, Chris


One thought on “State of Origin

  1. Great way of thinking about the impact we all make in each other’s lives. I haven’t seen La La Land, but I really like how simple it can be to interact with and share with others to make changes in our lives. Plus it isn’t always what you say, but what you do with and for others in your life.
    Thanks Chris! Very encouraging!


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