Work work work work work work

Hi guys,

Tonight at youth group we’ll be eating amazing food from Lilly, playing some great games and just generally hanging out. And no we won’t really be ‘working’ as the title suggests, but we will be talking about Genesis 2 and the importance of both work and rest. We see that God works hard in Creation but even He sets aside a day to rest. He sets this as an example to us that we need a good balance of working hard in life, but also resting (something that many of us are not so good at!)… but there is more to it than that. We need to find time to rest in God, to know Him and relate to Him, to work out His purposes for us, to find our identity in Him. Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we have in life, knowing our all-powerful Creator of the world and knowing we’re loved by Him. We also see in Genesis 2 God’s purposes for marriage, so should be good to talk about these things together.

So as a family over dinner or whenever… re work, why don’t you tell your kids why you chose your current job? How do you set aside time for family, for God, and for rest within that? And what were the important things in your husband or wife that you love and helped you choose them as your partner in life? Big questions!!

See you tonight!

Cheers, Chris


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