The Case For Christ

Hi Youth Group parents,

Hope you’re having a good week! Tonight at Youth Group we’re watching ‘The Case For Christ’ on DVD by Lee Strobel. It’s a great DVD and book as well, a documentary on his search for finding out the truth of who Jesus is. I remember the first time I read his other book ‘A Case For Faith’, where he talks about his journey to faith. He was an Atheist who looked down upon Christians as weak and a little crazy! Anyway, his wife told him one day that she’d become a Christian. Lee couldn’t believe it! He thought his wife was going to become weird and start preaching at him. Instead he found that over the course of the next year, she became a stronger woman. She became more patient, graceful, forgiving, loving, wise. She became other-person centred and sought to care for others in her life more.

Now none of this measured up for Lee. This is not how he saw Christians in history, in the media. And so to work through this dilemma he researched Christianity, in particular who Jesus was, and what He said and did. He interviewed scholars of the Bible, ministers, Apologists, and by the end of his research, he too, like his wife before him, became a Christian! Quite an amazing story. This DVD shows part of his quest for truth that led him to know and love Jesus.

Maybe some time over the weekend, see if your kids can explain this DVD, Lee’s process in coming to know Jesus. Have there been moments in your life where you changed and grew in love, patience, grace, forgiveness etc? Why not tell those stories to your kids. What were the defining moments for you in that change?

See you tonight! Cheers, Chris


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