Hi youths and parents,

Registrations have just opened for the Belgrave Heights “Victorian Christian Youth Convention” (VCYC). We’ve sent out emails to you (if we have your email) to sign your kids up, it’ll be a great camp! Go to the ‘contact us’ tab on this site if you want more details.

I didn’t really go on many camps in high school, maybe a few school camps. But the first one I ‘chose’ to go on was at University, and it changed my life. It was a camp through the Deakin Uni Christian Union called “Summit”. It was the first time I’d met with hundreds of others my age who were there to look out for each other. That kind of peer support was invaluable for me, also meeting other uni students who wanted to know more about Jesus. We had talks on Justification by faith and Martin Luther (such a light topic for a first Christian camp) but it was amazing, and helped me on a path to realising that a) God wasn’t angry with me but actually loved me, and b) nothing I did could earn that love, it was all through what Jesus had already done. Plus it was a camp that introduced me to coffee. It was instant coffee, but I guess you have to start somewhere.

These are some of the things that I hope the youth will get out of VCYC – peer support, meeting stacks of others their age going through the same problems who love Jesus, great teaching, new friends. Maybe not the coffee just yet, from experience at youth group their energy levels are fine. It has the potential to be a life changing event for those that go, in the same way that Summit camp was for me years ago.

As a family over the school holidays, why not talk to your kids over dinner about some of your own formational, life-changing experiences. Whether it was on a camp, through school or church events, with family, whatever really. What were the things that helped you become the person you are today? What are some key things you’ve learned in life that have helped you along?

Have a great term break and Easter, see you all in a few weeks!

Cheers, Chris


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