Hi everyone,

This term at youth we’ve been looking at justice. We’ve seen that God has a huge desire to see people cared for and brought into relationship with others and God. We’ve looked at the way Jesus showed justice to all in his life, and how He as the ‘just one’ died for the ‘unjust’ so that we could know God. We live our lives of justice in response to God showing grace, mercy and justice to us. In fact, when we look after the marginalised, the poor, the disadvantaged, and the homeless, it’s like we’re looking after Jesus himself!

It’s been great seeing the passions of the youth in this field. One has been volunteering on the streets of Frankston with Life Gate. Another has been involved with stopping child trafficking, helping us know what’s going on in the world and teaching us the signs of someone who has experienced bullying or abuse.

In what ways does your family ‘do justice’? What are some ways you can support those less fortunate? Why not work something out that you could do as a family to show people Jesus through your actions, words and lives?

We’re looking forward to this weekend. Half our youth will be off at VCYC! The other half will be looked after by Liz and Mel (same time Friday night, same place). Should be great fun. See you all soon!

Cheers, Chris


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