Hi guys,

Thanks to all the youth who came away to VCYC on the weekend. It was a great camp, and I have to say Jemma and I were really proud of you all. The effort you made to encourage kids from other churches was amazing, and you looked after each other really well. Well done!

There were so many encouraging things on the camp. The music was phenomenal, the testimonies were encouraging, the amount of people was at times overwhelming! And then of course, there was exceptional and life-changing teaching from John Dickson.

He told a bizarre story of how he slept for 2 years with an illegal, unregistered rifle under his bed! It was a gift from a country church where he had preached. He didn’t know how to dispose of it, it couldn’t be thrown away in the recycling, and he didn’t know how to explain it to the authorities! Then the government issued a firearm amnesty, where you could hand in your illegal, unregistered firearm to the police with no questions asked. He had 6 months to do it, but thought there had to be some kind of catch to it. And so he waited until the 6th month, where he manned up and… gave it to his wife to hand in to the police. And they took it in, and she walked out, and nothing else happened! It was an amnesty – the word amnesty comes from the greek word for amnesia, to forget. The police forgot not just about how the rifle came into John Dickson’s possession, but they forgot he even owned it – it was an amnesty. Our sins are like this with God. He not only pardons our sins, but forgets they even happened. Our slate is fully clean! John Dickson told many funny or embarrassing stories over the weekend, but he always learned from them. They taught him something about life, and they taught him something about God. I guess this one stuck with me the most.

So a question for the dinner table or a family walk around the block. Think back on your life (parents and youth). Can you think of an embarrassing or funny story where you learned something about yourself, about life, or about God? What did you learn?

See you Friday! Cheers, Chris


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