Term 3

Hi parents and youth,

Sorry for the delay in posting blogs! It’s been a busy few months as we prepare for the Macrae family to join our community and lead us into the future! Exciting times ahead. I studied for a few years with Glen at Ridley, and he’s a great guy with a real passion for the gospel. So I’m looking forward to working with him from next week onwards!

This term we’ve been getting the youth to lead studies, and contribute more to where the night itself heads. The 6-8 youth have led (with Liz and Jemma) studies on the fruits of the Spirit. And the 9-12 youth have thought through Jesus’ life chronologically, working together to paint a picture of Jesus’ life and ministry.

During the week, can you ask your children how they’re finding leading studies, or even how they’re finding being led by other youth? What are they learning about the fruits of the Spirit and living them out? What are they learning about Jesus’ life and how it impacts their own lives?

Next week is Youth Alive, so we’re looking forward to a big one for the youth next week as we meet lots of other Christian youth and leaders from the Peninsula area!

Cheers, Chris


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