Term 4

Hey youth and parents,

We hope you all had great holidays over the term break. How crazy is it that we’re almost at Christmas time! Shops are already getting decorations up, playing Jingle Bells, selling Christmas decorations. And so rather than try to ignore Christmas so early in the term, we thought we’d embrace it at Impact by studying the meaning of Advent in our studies! We’ll look at the 4 themes of love, hope, joy and peace, and think about how we can not just remember but be radically changed by Jesus expectant coming at Christmas.

I guess there are always helpful traditions we have at Christmas as well as some that may be unhelpful. As we prepare to think about Advent at Impact, why not talk as a family about your own Christmas traditions? For the parents, which of your own family traditions did you a) continue on, or b) stop, when you started your family? Why? And for the youth, which traditions do you find helpful or unhelpful that you currently do now? (That may be a more controversial question! Haha!) As a big picture question, which traditions point you to Jesus? Which traditions help you look outside your own family to serving others?

See you on Friday for our first night back, Pizza and games night! We’ll welcome the new grade 5 youth transitioning to grade 6 next year. And also note term 4 program is up:





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