Hey awesome youth parents,

This term we’ve started some leadership training for the youth who help lead some of our St Lukes programs (SLAM and IMPACT, and also Footsteps and Busybees, our Sunday school programs). It’s been good fun meeting 30 minutes before IMPACT to talk about essentials in Christian Leadership. We’ve covered 2 weeks so far, looking at GOSPEL (how we explain the good news of Jesus to people) and GIFTS (how we determine and grow our gifts, skills and abilities in leadership). This week we’ll look at the importance of CHARACTER, a leadership aspect essential to Christian Leadership but one sometimes overlooked when we think about leadership.

If you think of any leader you’ve had in the past who you respected, more often than not the first thing that comes to mind is their character, what they were like, what things they prioritised. I remember at NAB we had a CFO come and speak to us about a project he was involved in. I don’t remember any details really, it was a high profile project and presenting the findings was a big deal. It would have done wonders for his career. He didn’t make the presentation, he left others to get glory from presenting the findings. Why? He’d promised his three year old son that he would go to his kinder that day and do some finger painting. That was the story that stuck with me from his presentation! Not finance updates, not climbing the corporate ladder. Making the most of your time with your kids. That is integrity, that’s prioritising the important things in life, showing love to his kids, showing trust and care for his team who were more than capable of presenting their project. When a big decision like that comes up, our response tells us what’s inside, what we value.

The Bible calls us to grow in character, to get rid of vices and evil inside us and to replace it with good things like compassion, love, kindness, humility, meekness and patience (Colossians 3:12-15). That way, when we’re forced to decide quickly, our good character, patience, kindness, humility, will be on display, and we’ll be pointing people to the one who lived this life perfectly, Jesus.

Can you think of people in your life who have led showing great character? What did they do that showed this? How does your character come out in life (whether in good or bad ways)?

We look forward to seeing the youth continue to wrestle with these questions as they grow as leaders at St Lukes.

Cheers, Chris


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