A Season of Vision Renewal

One of the beautiful capacities God has given the human heart is to imagine the future. Dreams and Visions for what we could be, should be, ought to be- as individuals and as a community- are what keep as going in tough times. Dreams and Visions keep us working  together as a team when otherwise our difference might divide us. Dreams and Visions give us hope when otherwise we fall into despair.

The beautiful thing about Christianity is that it is based on the earth shattering event of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. An event that actually occurred- we have eye witness testimony of Christ being alive after his death, and eye witness testimony of his empty tomb. And an event that makes our Dreams and Visions possible. It is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that opens up real hope for change- change in our personal lives, change in our community, and change in our city.

Later in 2018 St Lukes will be launching a Season of Vision Renewal, and we’d love to invite all youth and their parents to get involved, and take their place alongside us in imaging a beautiful future for the youth of St Lukes, and the youth of our city.

Glen Macrae, Lead Minister St Lukes Frankston






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